Science experiments in action

As part of science week we carried out a number of experiments.  We used our schools ipads to video them. 

Take a look at how you can make raisins dance, how to make a fizz inflator and how to make a lava lamp.

Making simple circuits

Mr Daly’s class were learning about circuits.  We built different electrical and electronic circuits using our Snap circuits kit.  We showed how electricity is turned on and off with a switch.  We discovered how electricity is used to run a motor.

Power point projects

The boys in 4th and 5th class recently created wonderful projects on New Zealand.  Using the internet to research their projects they then created them using power point.  Lastly, they were able to present them at a school assembly using the interactive white board in the classroom.  They looked so professional.

The importance of ICT in our school day.

Our laptops are invaluable to us.  They allow each class the opportunity to research projects, create powerpoints and to learn general computer skills.

Here are some of the students researching a class project on nocturnal animals.

Next are some examples of Powerpoint presentations the 5th and 6th classes have been working on.  We researched Irish companies, gathered the information and presented it to the class as a Powerpoint.




School starts at 9:20 each morning and finishes at 3 p.m.
Pupils are not permitted on school grounds before 9:00 in the morning.

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