Science Week 2021

On Friday as part of science week we did a number of experiments. In the first one we used marshmallows and skewers, we stuck them together to make the tallest tower. Afterwards we talked about how we did it.

For our next experiment we got milk and put it in different containers. Next we added red, blue, green or purple dye to each one. Next we got cotton buds and put washing up liquid in a separate container. We dipped the cotton buds into the washing up liquid and held it over the milk. We observed how the milk reacted.


Lastly we got jellies and different types of sweets We used butter candy, sour jellies, golden bears and jelly babies and put them in 200ml of water. When we came back from the yard the butter candy was already dissolving . When we came back after the weekend the jelly baby and the gold bear became really big. The fizzy jelly lost its colour and got a bit bigger. Lastly the butter candy dissolved completely and made the bottom of the water brown and the top white.

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Pupils are not permitted on school grounds before 9:00 in the morning.

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