Magnetic cars

Mr. Daly’s class were given the task of designing a course onto which we would put a car.  The object of the task was to get the car to move without touching it!  We used 2 magnets, a car and a variety of card, paint other materials to construct the course.  The courses were very detailed, some with tunnels and others having a 2nd storey.

We put a magnet into the car and holding onto the 2nd magnet underneath the course we made the car move!  We discovered that two magnets can either attract or repel each other. If the North pole of the magnet in the car is facing the North pole of the other magnet the magnets will repel each other and the car will move.  The same is true when the South poles of the magnets are facing each other.

Making Paper Helicopters

Mrs. Kelly’s 2nd and 3rd class made 2 paper helicopters each, one big and one small.  We used paper, rulers and paper clips.  We tested them outside. We learned that gravity pulls them to the ground when we dropped them.  We discovered that the smaller helicopter hit the ground first because the blades are smaller.


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