Christmas Show 2018

Wow, what a show!!  It had everything, singing, acting and musical pieces, what more could you ask for.   A huge congratulations to all the boys for taking part and putting on such a wonderful show.  For the past few weeks the school halls have been filled with singing, rehearsing of lines, the sound of Christmas songs being played on the tin whistle and trumpet and the chime of bells and bars as the count down to the show was on.  Each boy put in a huge effort to make the show the best it could possibly be and it really paid off.

We started the show with a medley of tin whistle tunes followed by a number of trumpet favourites.  The chime of the bars and bells got us in the festive mood and ready for the play.

The story of ‘The Amazing Advent Calendar’  follows the story of Nicholas Mistletoe as he travels back in time through the door of a very special advent calendar to the days surrounding the birth of Jesus.  Will he make it to see the birth of the baby and how will he get home?

It was a very high paced show full of sing along tunes that had us all tapping our feet.  To really send us off full of Christmas spirit the boys sang a rousing medley of popular Christmas songs.  

Well done to all who took part and helped out in putting on a fantastic show.  Check out our photo gallery for many more photos from the day.


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